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Thu, Sep. 9th, 2004, 01:45 pm
Potter film hope for disabled dog

Just a moment today. I thought to share the love that is a random news link.


Sat, Sep. 4th, 2004, 01:46 am
Absolute Class

I just want you to take a moment out of your otherwise very busy day to look at these special pictures.


Pay carefull attention to image 62. Vader and a stroller? Keep digging and see Vader next to a giant cartoon whale. So, um, yeah. Love to all, drunkeness to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri, May. 14th, 2004, 03:41 pm

I found a couple of trailers and I thought I'd share them. IGN also has a new gameplay video from E3, but it's only 30 seconds.

It bears saying that the WMV is a fragment of the zipped one, but of much greater quality.

Thu, May. 13th, 2004, 10:22 pm

By now I've told more than a few people what I intend to accomplish. My goal is to keep those turtles you see every day on the interstate out of your tread and into your homes. The auto is the number one predator of turtles (box turtles, sliders, maps, and the occasional cooter). The easy choice would be to help them across the road. You know, just pick on up and help the little guy across four lanes of unyielding traffic.

Herein lies the problem: there is a giant concrete wall separating the east and west lanes. This isn't true of every road, but it is true of I-44 in the part south of Oklahoma City. The only logical solution is to extract the turtle from the dangerous environment and move it to one less dangerous.

Certainly, this is an easy thing to do. Though, it's here that we are capable of doing the most damage. Numerous herpetologists agree that box turtles have a range of only around 100 yards. Once they've found a place to call home, they will remain there for their many years. If they've been removed from this environment, they will always seek it out. They really aren't the greatest at finding home, however. So, by releasing them outside of home, you damn them to a life of searching, which is very upsetting to the neurotic turtle.

Sliders, likely can be caught and released into safer areas. They are nomadic by nature, moving when their home dries up or when the loins flare.

I was in Norman for the day Tuesday. On the way home I found a rather attractive red-eared slider. Chris adopted it and became the first adopter in my yet-to-be rescue agency. I also found a rather normal male ornate box turtle. Happy day! The only issue was, a tire had gotten to it before I did.

I finally got an appointment to see the vet today. I took the little guy in and I was asked what his name was. I said that I had no name in mind; I didn't want to get too attached if death was inevitable. I was then told that all animals are attached to my account by their name, and the record must have a name before it could be closed.

Someone in the other room suggested "Lucky". I found it a little disgusting. But, I couldn't think of anything else so the turtle is called Lucky at the vet. It seems that Lucky will likely be alright. It'll take some wire to reassemble the carapace. Perhaps some fiberglass will be employed to seal up the tender spots rendered open by the initial impact.

I feel like I should feel as if I did a good thing, but this only makes me anxious. There is so much more work to be done. There are so many chelonians that we discard and run over. I have slapped in some images of "Lucky", but I put the LJ-cut in there because they are fairly depressing.

If you got a better name for the boxy, please post it here.

The Grisly Images . . .Collapse )

Thu, May. 6th, 2004, 11:15 pm
Silvery Grayish Lining

My dog, of glaucoma fame, is seemingly alright. I forgot to mention it in my bullshit post from a few minutes back. It seems that she will always need drops in the eye, however. It's all a small price to pay for the years she'll get to live now. Her eye will likely never quite work right again, but at least she's out of the pain zone.


Thu, May. 6th, 2004, 10:50 pm
My Stalker

I have a stalker, and the stalker is Pearl. Pearl, it bears saying, is one of the two cats that live in my house. When I close a door, she often feels left out. This gives her plenty cause to hammer away at the door until she feels important. I use the word hammer because she truly attacks the door. The thuds are loud and sound very much as if she were a person knocking.

I'll post some pictures of the turtles as soon as the sun comes back enough for me to get some good light. My place is of the darkness in the evening.

Thu, Apr. 29th, 2004, 01:19 am
Campaign Quad CE

I've been working on my own roleplaying ruleset for a little while now. It's been coming along fairly quickly. What I find myself at now, however, is an impasse. The problem is, I started working on porting Campaign Quad from Mekton Z to my engine. I was digging along just fine, until I got to the part where shell creation enters.

I gotta say, it's daunting. I don't know if I'll be cranking it out for a bit. I'm intimidated by the amount of work required.

If you're still reading, some words of encouragement would be fantastic.

Sun, Apr. 25th, 2004, 01:29 pm

My brittany spaniel has glaucoma. It was made official yesterday when I was up in Norman. She's nine years old and has really never been ill. Sure, she's had an injury or two, but nothing that could count as a disease. So, for the first time, I'm having to come back down to the planet of mortality realization. It's a shitty planet.

All this amid the death of Diamond and the continued seizures of Ed. I suspect Jeremy will be illuminating this subject on his own time, if he cares to.

As for my dog, it's a waiting game. On Monday, I have an appointment with my vet at 5:15 PM. From there, we will consider the options. My mother, who took her in initially, said that the vet who was there told her that people often remove the eye from the dog, since it's cheaper. Fuck that. I don't want my dog to be a pirate. Barring that, she will likely lose most if not all of her vision even if she keeps the eye.

The other vet also said that the eye shouldn't burst during this interim. This is sorta' maddening. I've been giving her the eye drops and pain medications, and she seems fine. Though, she loves the outside and incessantly insists on going out when she's in. Must be the bird dog, but I hope this doesn't cost her an eye impact, either.

Thu, Apr. 15th, 2004, 05:41 pm
The Greatest Fight

The greatest fight a man can know is the fight with one's self. The human condition is the pursuit of a single answer: Who am I? Sometimes healing one's self is a fight with one's self. But enough of the esoteric.

I walked out. I work there no more. It was a cancer and has hence been removed. That's all, I suppose.

Esoterrorists are still the coolest ever.

Fri, Apr. 9th, 2004, 06:02 pm
Fuck it

It's two weeks notice. Not an ultimatum. I won't live like this.

There comes a point when it becomes about self-preservation. You know, when the survival instinct kicks in. That would be now.

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